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How to find the right google solution for you

How-to-Generate-Leads -

How-to-Generate-Leads - Nel Cooray -

Find the right google solution

Google has powerful advertising solutions to get your product or service in front of customers wherever they are on the consumer journey. And you’re about to see how to find just the right solution for you with three simple steps:

Here’s to keeping things simple!

  • Step 1: Define your campaign's primary marketing goal and potential KPIs
  • Step 2: Understand who your target audience is and where they’re located
  • Step 3: Choose the ideal solution that drives your goals and targets your audience


Drive action on your website

Foot Trafic

Drive foot traffic to your business


Get the phones ringing


Get people to use your app
With its plethora of solutions, AdWords can definitely come in handy — in more ways than one — such as getting your site’s visitors to take actions like making a purchase, filling out a contact form, or signing up for your mailing list. Here’s how:

Drive Action on your website

1Say More with your Ads on Search
Help customers find what they’re looking for faster with longer headlines, links to important pages, and callouts for unique offers. AdWords tip: Use ad extensions to customize your ad so when they see it, they get what they came for. Try adding links to key pages of your website (drone models, drone support, etc.) or callouts for promotions or key updates available for download.
2Showcase custom ads in real-time
Feature dynamically-generated, time-sensitive and/or geo-specific content about your latest products, or even special promotions to attract customers at the exact moments they’re looking with information that is most relevant. AdWords tip for Jules: Include the latest drone model information. Use ad customizers — dynamically generated content (such as temporary holiday pricing, remaining days for promo pricing/shipping, etc.) that adjusts based on the user’s time and place.
3Stay in step woth your most loyal customers and re-engage with past visitors
Be there with the right message for existing customers as they search on Google, check Gmail, or watch videos on YouTube. Hey, with consumers spending 15+ hours per week researching and at least six visits to a website during the purchase process, you’ll want to make sure you get that ad messaging right.1 AdWords tip for Jules: Work smarter, not harder with Dynamic Search Ads. They use your website to target your ads and can help fill in the gaps of your keywords-based campaigns. When people leave your site without buying anything, remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) help you connect with these potential customers when they continue looking for what they need using Google Search.

Drive foot traffic to your business

1Turn searches in to visits
Make it easier for customers to find your store by featuring directions from Google Maps in your ads — much like this dress shop query results does. AdWords tip: Include location extensions to your campaign to direct people to your drone hospital with a map, your address, or the distance to it
2Promote your business in specific locations
Ensure your ads only appear for customers located near your business. AdWords tips Set up location targeting to allow your ads to appear in certain geographies. For the locals, display ads that are more focused on promoting local services — both your drone hospital and in-store services/promotions. For everyone else, display ads more focused on phone support, mobile downloads, and drone products for sale.
3Show them what you have in stock
Encourage people to visit your store by sharing local inventory details like products, prices, and more — much like Steph’s Dress shop did in this example. AdWords tips: Create local inventory ads to showcase your in-house drone products and services, as well as store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google. Once shoppers click your ad, they arrive on a Google-hosted page for your store, called the local storefront. Shoppers use the local storefront to view in-store inventory, get store hours, find directions, and more.
4See how online ads drive in -store results
Learn how much foot traffic and sales your ads drive to optimize your media spend. AdWords tip : Consider using conversion tracking.

Get the phones ringing

1Turn callers in to customers
Make it easy for potential customers to call you by featuring your phone number in Search ads. AdWords tip: Include call extensions which let you add phone numbers to your ads (and can increase clickthrough rates by four to five percent!).
2Focus on calls instead of clicks
If calls are your top priority or you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, you can create ads that focus solely on driving calls to your business. AdWords tip: Another case for call extensions! By adding these to your ads, a tap or click calls your business directly and support is there to the rescue, super fast! Finally, although it’s not your only campaign goal, if your business model was to center around phone support (as opposed to a storefront, app, etc.), you could even use call extensions to set up a call-only campaign.
3Drive calls during specific hours
If your staff is only available to take calls during certain hours, schedule your phone number to only show during those hours. With 70 percent of mobile searchers reporting that they click to call directly from search results3, you’ll want to make sure that those calls count! AdWords tips: Make the call worthwhile — by giving users a compelling reason to call you in your ad text (i.e., Visit Call for specials on the latest drone models.). Schedule call-only ads, ads that are limited in real estate and entirely focused on encouraging a call to your business. So...make sure they display when someone is there to answer! (i.e., Looking for broken wing support? Call our drone specialists today.).

Get people to use your app

1Get started in minutes
Enter a few simple pieces of information and get beautiful ads across the entire Google network. AdWords tips: Create a universal app campaign — one that allows you to promote your app across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network. Use the campaign to encourage users to download your app and use it to sync their devices — so you can keep up-to-date on any service needs and send push notifications if things don’t seem to be going as planned! Plus, they can stay in the know about your brand.
Finding the right solutions and metrics is challenging at first, but with a little effort, we can figure them out. Now you are ready to use AdWords to set up and customize a campaign in a way that will match your goals.

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