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Google Parallel tracking

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Parallel tracking for Google Ads

Have you switched on parallel tracking for your google ads? Because soon it will be mandatory all ads use parallel tracking whether you are ready or not. Starting October 2018 this will be a permanent feature on your account.

What is Parallel tracking

Parallel tracking helps load your landing page more quickly which can reduce lost visits. That can lead to increased conversions, and improved ad performance. Parallel tracking sends customers directly from your ad to your final URL while click measurement happens in the background (without sending them to the tracking URLs first)

Currently, parallel tracking is an optional feature for advertisers who use click measurement for Search Network and Shopping campaign traffic.

This article explains how parallel tracking works. To opt-in to parallel tracking, follow the instructions in Use parallel tracking.

With parallel tracking, customers are delivered directly to your landing page while click measurement happens in the background.

Here’s what parallel tracking looks like:

  1. Customer clicks your ad
  2. Customer sees your landing page

At the same time, in the background:

  1. Google Ads click tracker loads
  2. Tracking URL loads
  3. If you use more than one click tracker, additional redirects may load.

Without parallel tracking, customers go through one or more redirects after clicking your ad before they reach your landing page. This means it takes longer for customers to reach your landing page.

Here’s what tracking looks like without parallel tracking:

  1. Customer clicks your ad
  2. Google Ads click tracker loads
  3. Tracking URL loads
  4. Possible additional tracking URL loads
  5. Customer sees your landing page

Read more about Parallel tracking here

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