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how to improve your site speed - Nel Cooray -Customer Engagement Specialist.

In 2006, Amazon reported that for every 100 milliseconds they speed up their website, they see a 1% increase in revenue. Similarly, Google announced, in an effort to improve site speed, that web page speed was most importantly  consideration in how they rank search results.

Since then, there’ve been no shortages of case studies showing the benefits of having a fast site. In this guide, I’ve tried to pull together everything that will enable you to improve your website’s loading speed. So, for a bit of fun, I also decided to test everything in this post on this site to see what impact it had.

First, how fast is enough? Seems like optimising your page speed can be a hedonic process, kind of like running on a treadmill. There will forever be room for improvement, so when should we be satisfied?

One way is to use WhichLoadsFaster to compare your site’s loading speed against all of your major competitors. Therefore, Aim to be the fastest of the bunch.

So how can you speed up your site like this? Besides, Below are some of the things that have the biggest impact.

#1 Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
#2 Use WP Engine
#3 Use a caching plugin
#4 Add Expires headers to leverage browser caching
#5 Use a good theme (if using WordPress)
#6 Compress your images with WP
#7 Clean up your database
#8 Compress your website with gzip
#9 Fix all broken links
#10 Reducing Your redirects
#11 Minify your CSS and JS files
#12 Replace PHP with static HTML where possible
#13 Link to your style sheets, don’t use @import
#14 Turn off ping backs and track backs in WordPress
#15 Enable Keep-Alive
#16 Specify image dimensions
#17 Specify a character set in HTTP headers
#18 Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom
#19 Disable hot linking of images
#20 Switch off all plugins you don’t use
#21 Minimise round trip times (RTTs)

#22 Use CSS Sprites

You can always get in touch with industries leading agency in such field. Because with mobile Internet usage expected to take over desktop usage in 12 months time, it’s never been as important as it is right now to improve site speed. Furthermore, Internet users are less tolerant of slow websites than they’ve ever been, and the shift towards Internet-enabled mobile devices means that if you’re not fast, you’re not going to be seen. Finally, you can always request us to audit your site and will help your business to grow.


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