Read Before you SEO

Someone can’t do SEO for you. I know a lot about SEO, yet it is still an evolving world. You can't just hire someone to do SEO. Most people think SEO is a percentage of your marketing budget that can be outsourced to an expert. but here’s the thing, everything you think about SEO is wrong because of one simple distinction that eludes most people.
You don’t do medicine or health. You can’t do law. You can’t establish a budget for such expenses and you can’t be certain of any outcome. Your health isn’t a campaign.
You can disregard the law or your health. You can ignore them and you can treat such things poorly.

You can get help from a lawyer or doctor who knows what they’re doing. But they too are practising it and that word is the word used because we can’t know if we’ll win or lose. We don’t know what is the solution. There are no guarantees because EVERYTHING matters.

Can a doctor save your life if you don’t care for it?
Can a lawyer keep you out of jail if you break the law?

So many variables matter, variables that are constantly changing, that you can only practice it – well or poorly.

It’s called optimization for a reason. It’s a process, never-ending, and you can NOT do it just as you can’t be untouched by the law or unaffected by health. Get that? That’s a confusing concept as most people think of SEO as something you do. No, it’s something you practice.

Read before you SEO

We can teach you the industry best practices and even set you up with some tools to monitor your progress. If things are out of control we can get you some specialist help to get you back on track. Its never too late to start looking after your SEO. If you don't you will deteriorate eventually.

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